Here’s What I Learned From The Experience

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Debt is not inherently bad. It’s only as bad as the daily interest is high. That means the goal…

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The Story

Follow the Allocation Crossing Point & Step-Down Method instead

That is the wrong question.

Instead, all borrowers with student debt should ask: “how do I optimally *minimize* my interest payable?”

  • Can you remember the last time you tried to do something that you didn’t know much about or are not very good at?
  • How about the last time you did something that was second nature?
  • How did you react in both cases if you hit a hurdle?
  • If we are knowledgeable about a task or topic and a problem arises, we assume it is due to an…

And What You Can Learn From It

Andrea Constantine, CAIA

Emotional Health | Student Debt | Career Advice. Repaying my student loans w/ a proprietary method & helping others save tens of thousands too. Let’s talk debt!

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