All this is very true, Tiffany! … yesterday I was on the train and overheard a mother/daughter pair that was about to buy a ticket ON the train which means paying double. I know there’s an app which would’ve enabled them to pay $14 instead of $28, so I spoke up. The conductors initially stated that they had to buy tickets before boarding, but because I asked nicely, he let them take the time to download the app. The daughter (in her 20’s probably) downloaded it but asked me for help a couple of times while getting the account set up. I was happy to help them, and did so unconditionally… but when they got off the train without saying even a quick “thank you”, I mentioned to my boyfriend, “I’m happy to have helped them save $14, and I didn’t need a thank you… but for someone who is more on the borderline of doing acts of kindness, and appreciates a bit of recognition, a thank you counts a lot….” Well, I couldn’t do anything about how that mother/daughter pair responded, but I made sure to say thank you to the conductor so that he could get at least some form of encouragement for his kindness

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