First off, ADORABLE dog — bernedoodle?!

Secondly, I 100% agree. I recently had a conversation with a few friends (and am currently writing an article on the topic of passion because of it) and we agreed that, in a world where we can do anything, it’s harder to find the thing(s) we’re passionate about. There’s often doubt and a question of what else is out there that I haven’t discovered. So long as that question lingers, it’s safe to assume that we haven’t found our passion. However, the perception that we need to dedicate ourselves to one thing and stick with it for at least a few years is at odds with what it takes to find passion.

People who have found their passion toss out the advice, “find something and stick to it” as if they forget all the steps it took for them to get to where they are today. Isn’t that part of the problem, too? Unless we have the skill of self-reflection and self-awareness, then we might remember the outcome and forget what it took to get there…

Lastly, have you read the book “The Path to Purpose” by William Damon? It’s fantastic and the questions at the end are relevant for everyone — those who have found their passion and those who are still searching

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