Hey Zulie — I also believe that everyone wants to be kind, but we don’t always know how. We also tend to think our action has to be something grand, and overlook the power of a shared smile. That’s the exact idea upon which I based my smiles project, Going For Smiles. I’m gathering 5,000 shared smile stories to show that a smile can have a big impact, and even turn into a butterfly effect! Here are links to some of the stories I’ve written, and to Instagram if you’d like to follow along! Would love to hear what you think of this :)

We’re all part of a chain of smiles. I offered these three ladies (who were strangers) a smile card, they asked for a picture together, then one of them brought it with her to Chicago and handed it to someone else who said she’ll take it with her to Florida

Someone found this card in union square and added her own favorite quote before mailing it to the UK

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