Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good

The time has come for you to get a handle on time.

This time. That Time. ​First time. Last time. One time. Every time. Some time. Another time.

​Now that you are significantly annoyed by the repetitive use of “time”, get annoyed by every other occasion when time impeded you. Then get excited by the ideas you have and the things which made your heart beat faster.

Lastly, decide that IT’S TIME.

It’s time to not let perfection be the enemy of good.

I thought of the premise for this post while commuting to work at 7:15am. Rather than wait for “the right time or a better setting” than a crowded subway car, I decided to start writing in the notepad of my phone. Despite not being a morning person, the experience of writing down my thoughts rather than procrastinating was energizing! As my thumbs clacked away on the touch-screen phone, I looked around at the dozens of people around me and wondered what aspirations they have been delaying until “the right time”?

The “right time” is a figment of our imaginations and will never match reality. Rather than continuing to wait, rationally evaluate the variables that are holding you back and then decide that “it’s time” to take action!

For me, “it’s time” to start publishing articles more frequently and stop doubting that the content is good enough; it’s time to start reaching out to positive psychologists who may find my initiative, GoingForSmiles, interesting rather than think that I need to publish more articles first; it’s time to help my fellow indebted student loan borrowers and silence the part of my brain that says, “why would they listen to you?”. All of my doubts are only manifested in my mind due to fear of rejection or failure. If I eliminate that emotional hurdle, and evaluate my articles and financial knowledge objectively, I’ll realize that I AM good enough. Hopefully, this story will inspire you to objectively evaluate the things that are holding you back and also realize that IT’S TIME to take action.

As Winston Churchill said, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Hopefully you and many other people will enjoy reading along with my stories about human connection and articles about financial knowledge. But even if it is only you and me then that is alright because our actions do not always need a huge and immediate payoff. We can be the ripple in a lake; the tortoise that beat the hare.

Just gotta start. IT’S TIME.

Emotional Health | Student Debt | Career Advice. Repaying my student loans w/ a proprietary method & helping others save tens of thousands too. Let’s talk debt!

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