So true, Nick! There has to be a “why”… but since there are so many perceived “movements” out there, it may not be enough to communicate the “why” in a silo bc people may still be paralyzed by choice. Or behavior. Or time. Or workflow hurdles. Or…

For example, I believe people want to do acts of kindness but we don’t always know how. So I created handwritten cards with quotes on them for people to find and pass along… but the process has highlighted things like skepticism, expectation of reciprocity, ownership, etc. The goal is written on the front and back of the card — pass along the card and share your smile story on social media so we can capture 5,000 shared smile stories. BUT it still isn’t always enough. Since I’m asking for something that’s behavioral in nature, I have to be persistent… and consistent too! “If you’re persistent you will get it; if you’re consistent you will keep it!” But when it happens — people share their smile stories with me to write about and share — it is ENERGIZING for everyone!

Emotional Health | Student Debt | Career Advice. Repaying my student loans w/ a proprietary method & helping others save tens of thousands too. Let’s talk debt!

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