Going For Smiles Stories #17 — 23

I started Going For Smiles (and Happiness367 before it, in 2016, which you can read about here) so that handwritten smile cards could give everyone a chance to be kind to one another. These stories contribute to the goal of gathering 5,000 shared-smile stories so we can prove that little gestures can have a butterfly-effect impact.

Right before I put my earbuds back in, I heard the young boy slowly say, “so… we’ll give it to someone to make them smile… and then they’ll give it to someone to make them smile too…”

“Exactly!” exclaimed his mom.

What started as a simple smile sticker in an elevator turned into an exciting connection for both of us.

There are also many other initiatives that encourage kindness through human connection, like Kindsum and Hug’s & High-5’s! Kindness is collaborative, so I would definitely encourage you to look into both.


Readers of GoingForSmiles stories know by now that I’m extroverted enough to say hello to people, so it should be no surprise that I said, “Your bad is awesome!” She responded that she works for a non-profit, and it’s part of the company’s swag. After a few more comments exchanged, I asked, “would you like a smile to go along with your bag?” The woman was seated closer to me, so she extended her hand and they both started smiling as they read the card.

Then, just last week, I noticed Neel during my morning commute. But I wasn’t 100% sure that it was him until he walked over and said, “hey, you’re the smile girl, right?”

It is my wish for all of you who are reading this story, that you, too, are the source for people’s smiles 😊

This guy, the men who have smiled when I hand them a smile card, the multitude of male-authored Instagram posts to #Happiness367, and all the men who are encouraging real conversation, are proof that reality is more inclusive.

To all the men out there who are opening dialog around what it means to be “a man”, thank you.

Her patience gave me the necessary motivation to be patient too, even though that meant that we both missed the ferry. Instead of brooding, we struck up conversation.

We talked about random things, like her Cole Haan sneakers, how the brand is marketing the new sneaker line with Equinox, workouts and earbuds.

People who inspire a little kindness really can be a positive influence, just simply with their presence, and help set the world in the right direction.

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