Thanks for the response and idea, Nick! i actually have been testing that out…. If you look up #Happiness367 on Instagram you’ll see that the cards back then only said “Share your #Happiness367”. In 2016, people did know what to do and did share to Instagram and Twitter; and I observed many others who picked up the card but never posted about it.

In 2018 though, the same approach isnt working as well. I’ve tested out variations with simple directions… but the outcome is different and I believe it’s a sign of the environment we’re in. So it takes a bit more direction to explain that #GoingForSmiles (also on Instagram) is a genuine mission which aims to gather 5,000 shared smile stories because that’ll turn up the volume on all the kind voices we (unknowingly) share this world with :) but I’m continuing to test different variations, and can update when I find the version that works best :) do you live in NY area? If yes, then keep an eye out for a card!

Your posts are great and I enjoy following along!

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