The troubling way we entered 2021, and what it teaches us about change

Fly Away — — Instagram: FasterThanaBlink

But my concern is that coping mechanisms create a slippery slope of meaningless anchor points and unreasonable expectations that make it harder to put in the work necessary to affect real change.

Addressing the challenges of 2020 and COVID-19 requires collective action, but it provided a high scale lens into coping mechanisms. There are plenty of examples of common situations that are within our direct control:

So, how do we change this tendency?

1. Recognize the coping mechanism and inconsequential changes for what they are. That way, when things don’t get better, you won’t give up. Instead, you’ll acknowledge that lasting change wasn’t to be expected, but it’s still possible if you put in the work.

But our long term mental, emotional, and financial well-being will be better off if we set our expectations appropriately, dig deeper and spark change from the core.

Grow through the caution — — Instagram: FasterThanaBlink

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