While on my way to work this morning, hurrying to a meeting, I overheard a family of three girls and their parents commenting that they would like to find a Starbucks. There was a nice one nearby, but a bit hidden unless you know about it. Rather than assuming they’ll find one somewhere, I spoke up and let them know where it is. The full family smiled and said thank you; one of the girls complimented my eyeliner, which made me smile a bit more. Before continuing to hurry off, I handed them one of my handwritten SMILE cards (Goingforsmiles on IG) which read “you already look happy, but I wanted to share a smile anyway,” and everyone’s smiles grew even wider.

In total, the experience took about a minute. Rather than arriving 10 minutes before my morning meeting, I arrived 9 minutes before it… but that minute made a difference for that family, and for me, as we all shared smiles to start the day 😊

Kindness does happen… and you’re right that we can all benefit from keeping our heads up, and opening ourselves to opportunities to experience it. AND pass it along!

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