The Challenge of Encouraging Random Connections

Why is it so hard to encourage connection among strangers as we go about our daily routines?

What if people had something that made it easier to spark conversation, like a SMILE card?

Few people pass along the card.

Many of them say they are waiting for the “right” person to share it with but end up holding onto it indefinitely.


Why are Masked Crusaders likely the largest segment of our population?

People respond differently to life’s complexities and conceal their emotions for a variety of reasons:

Clearly there are several factors underlying our emotional masks which means there is no way of knowing if we are overlooking someone who does need a shared smile.

That is why we need to share smiles and kindness with anyone rather than waiting for the right one.

Talking to Strangers

But, as with anything, it gets easier the more you do it!

The answer is simple: any kind gesture where at least one other person feels seen or heard.

It just starts with individual choices made every day.

Do you think we can break the cycle? Do you think you can share SMILEs with anyone, without waiting for a perceived “right” person?

If you would like me to send you SMILE cards to help you break the ice, you can email with the subject “Let’s Share Smiles.”

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